Guessing Game: What's the name of the next Strokes album?

Jun 12

Guessing Game: What's the name of the next Strokes album?

Posted by robotfrom1984 on

My guess is something classy like:
"Colored Night" or like
"The Future" or maybe self-titled

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"is this the first impressions of earth on fire"

can't help! :lol:


This [b]IS [/b]It.

[b]"omgz u r so gay"[/b]

[quote="miss ramone"][i]cunt juice all over your face[/i][/quote]


The whole band on the front. Julian has his hand raised. Title: "Uncircumcised"

Link Conjure : Bilabial Fanatic

Count Finnier : Bilabial Jackal

Bilabial Cocain Flaunt Jerkin

Bilabial Jack : Lunar Infection

Bilabial Canon : Kinetic Jarful

Biracial Nonfatal Blink Juice

Artificial Cannibal : Lobe Junk

This is an anagram of: JulianfabNickNicolaiAlbert

Illicit Junker : Bifocal Banana

You can do a lot of things in the advanced settings to make it work better. Like take certain words out of the results and I find it works well to limit it to a certain number of words.

[quote="3 to 1 Odds"]A Biblical Rec Jet Funk, Son.[/quote]

I like it. haha

[i]cunt juice all over your face[/i]

I was kidding around with the anagram thing...with the fourth album (if t were a return to the style of the first album) I would simply call it:

It is.

ya got me there... :oops:

Since when are the Strokes relevant to anything?

Are we still relevant?!

A Biblical Rec Jet Funk, Son.

Ok.. sine this new album is suppsoed to incorperate more of the other Strokes personalities we take the names "Jules Nico Nick Fab albert" and find the anagrams


Look for good comibinations..

In the advanced setting you can exclude certain words. Like "backbit" that seemed to help.


" Sorry, people, it was albert´s fault, but we excerted violence and now the album´s out" would be a good title.

abbreviation: "SPIAFBWVANTAO on earth"

hahaha "is this Earth on Fire?"

I have no idea.. it depends what the songs are like to assume something like that.

second impressions of earth! :P

i really hope it comes out soon though i love these guys

This Is [u]IT[/u]

Room on Fire.

"misty rainbow strands of forgotten visions"

hahaha this one seems most likely.

Some NME reporter said it would be called "Bambi"

^that sounds great to me

Albert will be restrained via straight jacket at all times when recording is not happening, and security guards Danny Velez and Colin Whatshisface will be guarding the doors at all times to make sure his skinny ass doesn't decide to step outside at anytime to call Matt up to discuss "Albert Hammond Jr & the East Village Street Band: album #3"

HAHAHAHAHA - great topic
[quote]oh, and the studio is "albert ain't going anywhere" safe.[/quote]
:lol: :lol:

"GOD, why don't you just n SHUT the hell up, Albert!!!!"

illusions of grandeur.

ive always thought that would be a great title for anything.


haha ya thanks :D

"could be nice ¨SLEEP IN THE LIGHT¨ or ¨INSOMNIA¨"

I like these. I have also thought about "Dawn of the Night", "No Remedy", "Dying with Style"... Or perhaps a reference to another album or song title (either form them or someone else) or a sentence in the lyrics of one of the new songs. What about "The Sky is no the Limit"? I don't and to tell you the truth I don't care that much, because knowing that the Strokes are the best band of the 21st century and given their previous titles have all been great for some reason, I know they will come up with an amazing title - and album.

[quote]by the light is red on Fri Jun 13, 2008 9:35 pm

is this(it)(first impressions of)earth(room)on fire[/quote]

I really like this!!!

^oooh, I like that

[b]is this[/b](it)(first impressions of)[b]earth[/b](room)[b]on fire[/b]

oh sorry, that should have gone to the AHJR thread.

haha I love this [img][/img]

could be nice ¨SLEEP IN THE LIGHT¨ or ¨INSOMNIA¨


[quote]oh, and the studio is "albert ain't going anywhere" safe.[/quote]

haha yes.
he needs to know we love him but we dont need another of his albums just yet, i think the 4th strokes is more anticipated :)

"Evelyn locked us all in the studio and forced us to make a new album"

oh, and the studio is "albert ain't going anywhere" safe.

"misty rainbow strands of forgotten visions"


The Brokes
track 1: My Drive Thru (We Needed the Money Remix)

lol sorry, I couldn't help it

second impressions of earth
or self titled would be cool



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