Favourite Song??

Jun 13

Favourite Song??

Posted by xJessica on

YES i know it's hard. but which one blows you away more than the others??

heart. in. a. cage.

its absolutely amazing. his voice sounds so great the whole way through the song and the guitars are brilliant.

closely followed by You Only Live Once.
[i]the[/i] best song to play really loudly on car journeys :)

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Heart in a cage & Red light


My favorite is probably either Red Light or Ize of The World.

Juicebox was my first all time favorite from them but I really love and appreciate Ize of the World....

You only live once. I really like the demo version too.

1. Ize
2. Scape
3. Vision/You Only

they're all so good, this is by far the best album in my opinion... i would have to say electricityscape, you only live once, ize of the world... then all the others lol i can't pick just one out :D

Vision of Division has one of the coolest segments ever. Right around 2 minutes is [i]perfect[/i].

I'm a sucker for Juicebox, Razorblade, and Electricityscape as well, though.

vision of division, everything about that song is perfect.
and heart in a cage, it was the song they opened with when i saw them late '06.

"And now for the moodkill of the day-here's electricityscape"-JC

I love them all, but my favorite would probably have to be Heart in a Cage.


[b]I'd probably have to say: VOD, HIAC, Ize, Red Light. And thats in order.[/b]

iiii'd hate to see the sky is not the limit no more, i could see the elevator crash through the floor, i can still see yesterdaya sailin' away, 7 billion people who got nothin' to say, [b]light is [color=#BF0000]red[/color] cameras on,[/b] get yourself a lawyer and a gun, hate your friend's new friend's liek everyone, childhoods they can be so competetive, [b]oh the sky it aint the limit and you never gonna guess what is...ohhhh[/b]

Yeah...Red Light :D

hmm i'd have to say...its between Heart In a Cage and Ize of the World :D

I would Have to say You Only Live once cause it is just an awsome song. It makes me feel good inside :|

1. Electricityscape
3. Ize of the World
4. Red Light

That's not in order either, I looove those songs.

i really like "Killing lies" right now

Ize of the world, red light and evening sun

Heart in a cage and ize of the world !


Ize of the World

juicebox, everytime.

the whole guitar section in Ize of the world (1:52 to 2:28) is absolutely amazing.
and of course

'your dreams are sweet and obsessed and your overworked, etc'
that whole verse kills me.

i love it.
but still, heart in a cage has to be my number one ;)

It's their worst album but has the best song.. "Ize of the world" .

[color=#BF00BF]ize of the world, electricityscape, vision of division, 15 minutes, YOLO, heart in a cage... all!![/color]

it was rec light, then HIAC now its ask me anything!

Like picking favorite children, this is tough....but every parent has a favorite deep down inside--- so I'll say IZE of the World.

Oh one of my favorite songs is "Red Light"...the guitars sounds really amazing!

In no order: Vision Of Division, Ize Of The World, Heart In A Cage, 15 Minutes...

"Ize of the World" :D

definitely Ize of the world!

uhhh duuuuhhh! Electricityscape!

You Only Live Once is definitely a great song to blast while driving. I've done it many times. 8-)

You Only Live Once was my first favorite. I listened to it literally 100 times over the course of 3 days according to my iTunes haha. But then Ize of the World blew me away with its lyrics and overall theme. And then Heart in a Cage... and then Juicebox, and then Red Light, and then Razorblade, and then I was just like, Damnit this whole album is amazing haha.

But if I had to pick, I'd say it's a tie between YOLO and Ize of the World. The alternate video for YOLO with Ize of the World included was just genius.

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