News on the 4th album, YAY!

Jun 14

News on the 4th album, YAY!

Posted by hardtoexplain81 on

OMG, i was on the nme website and they had an article about the strokes 4th album! They may be getting into the recording studio later this year for the album, and other interesting news about who may want to produce it. Can't wait for the strokes next album!!!!!!

Check out the article here:

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I'm a fan of all the current Strokes albums pretty equally, and I trust in whatever decision that they make. If the album is being produced in a way that they don't agree with, I'm sure they'll object.

i really cant wait for the next album i mean seriously they've been away for too long... :? About pharrell's offer and all that I only Julian as perfectionist as he is will think a lot about this. This next album has to be huge i just cant wait to see them together again ;_;!

haha look at the comments at the bottom of the article! :lol:

Who was it that said Brian Eno? Mmmmm... I would love that. I would actually love if David Bowie and the Strokes had a meeting of the minds, what with him hooking up with the Arcade Fire and TV On The Radio.

i really dont know what to expect pharrel just wants to keep building his resume.

i dunno about that, but the fact there is a forum discussion board on the 4th album on the official forums must mean its coming soon. (i hope).

apparantly theres an article about albert in the latest NME and he said the strokes have no plans for this year but are having a meeting in january 2009.

I highly, highly doubt Julian would even entertain the offer. We all know how particular and critical Julian is with the sound of the band, so it doesn't seem like he would be willing to let someone mess with it that's so foreign and new to them. Julian's said multiple times before that Gordon Raphael is one of the few people that actually understand the kind of sound that they want to make and he's been able to achieve it. Pharrell produces the kinds of songs that you would typically hear in a club (with the exception of The Hives, of course) so it all seems like it would be too commercial and abandoning everything that makes The Strokes unique in the music world. If the guys honestly cared more about the money than the quality and integrity of their music, [i]then[/i] they would choose someone like Pharrell, but we all know that's pretty much the exact opposite of who they are. I'm all for change and evolution with their music, just not in this direction.

i can't wait to listen the "toxic" stroke albun produced by pharrel!

I really hope that he doesn't produce it...

The Strokes are artists they're experimenting its their prerogative... artistic license and all that 8-) ...

Pharrell is a good producer, despite the fact he's known for his hip-hop. END OF.

The Strokes will make whatever choice they want, and I for one would be curious to hear what levels the Strokes' sound would be taken to if it were produced by Pharrell. Music is a bit of fun and imagination, so stop getting your knickers in a twist.

Besides....Pharrell is sexy. (that's the core of my argument).

well.....does it really matter who produces it? seriously the strokes are legend and no matter who produces them they are gonna be spectacular.<> but pharrel is smart because this album is gonna be a huge hit which means one thing. MONEY. any smart producer. which pharrel has proven to be would do anything for such a hot band like the strokes next album....right?

Ohh .. I like Pharrell Williams very much and the song Mydrivethru taste good .. Pharrells beats and style are obviously to outperformed.. and i guess in a couple of years after publishing the new album will be boring if pharrell mixes his beats into the strokes music..
And in a few month you will see that all these pharrell and timbaland stuff is wear out.

I doubt they would even consider Pharrell as a producer, in my opinion that note is just NME taking things out of proportion as they usually do. I think the guy just randomly said he'd like to produce it, but that is the extend of it as far as we know.
I personally hope they don't go for him. I think Gordon Raphael or even someone like Brian Eno would be a much better choice.

it wil turn pout classic whatever happens

nooooooooooo, strokes are the rock in pure state, its disgusting that guy's offer!
nooooooooooo, the strokes know better than that

wow ! not a good idea!!
let gordon raphael!!
well it's not that bad , pharrel produce the new hives album and it's not that bad

the strokes are the best band ever no can come close to them
and i cant wait for their 4th album but come on!!!!!!do we all really want Pharrell producing their album . . . . ITS THE STROKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



nah i dont think the strokes will accept his offer. it doesn't look like "my drive thru" is doing to well. i think they are smarter than that.

are they really gonna do the next record? i can't wait! finally..

the "news" of the 4th album -- that I don't know you guys will be able to stay excited about for the next two years. because that's probably how long it's going to be before it sees the light of day.

the new album is definitely gonna sound different with Pharrell Williams, don't know if it's a good idea though.. anyway, i can't wait! :D

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