Heart In A Cage

Jun 16

Heart In A Cage

Posted by the_pale_thin_girl on

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this is bot my favorite video of first impressions of earth, but it is awesome.

Awesome video.

alot of music videos ruins songs for me but this video is perfect for the song

this video is one of my favorites.
its just so epic!!!
once again nick looks like hercules with his hair blowing in the wind.
and julians setting is just so badass.

and the way he is laying on the ground and moving.
i love it!!!
the black and white was good for this song.

[color=#008080][u]I love the video :D[/u][/color]



[quote="the_pale_thin_girl"]This video is cool, in black and white...

This one is cool...

[b]This is one of my favourite Strokes videos. Its just amazing.[/b]

I really love this video. The setting really does fit the song well. And I must say, they all look so badass. 8-)

[b]i like this vid too, black and white is always so stylish
the light , the grainy images are great too , and how they had to be courageous to stand the cold on the top of the building..pooor babies
And don't forget a tear for the departed guitar ... :cry:

a good capture of the city and the perfect mood to fit the song[/b]

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