Be able to stay logged in for like a week.

Jun 18

Be able to stay logged in for like a week.

Posted by hardtoexplain on

cause everytime i leave this page and come back i have to log back in, even when i say for it to keep me logged in. and its not like i have to worry about anything, with my being logged in, and im pretty sure its the same for everyone else, or atleast a good amount for it to be an extra button to check while logging in.

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a week? I can't stay logged for more than a few minutes! I mean every time I switch from one topic to another I have to log in again, lame

I'm bumping this. Ryan, what the fuck, do you read this board or moderate it? Or someone? Than FUCKING LISTEN to our complaints. at least respond to them


[quote="ninjahray"]I second that![/quote]

[size=80]third that.[/size]


it's so annoying!

I've got the same problem...

I second that!

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