Notification of New Posts

Jun 18

Notification of New Posts

Posted by Elle on

It would be really helpful if you could have some kind of symbols next to the titles of threads that notified you if there was a new post added or let you know which threads you've posted in. I noticed this feature on the "prosilver" version of the board (as opposed to this one which is "BlackDiamond") and I thought it was really helpful. If you could add that as a feature to the BlackDiamond version of the board, I'd really appreciate it.

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^ That sounds like a really good idea to me. Very convenient.

We really need a read "last 30 posts" option. This would be so easy for the fans that sign in every day, then we can quickly see which new posts (in every thread) have had a new reply. So that we do NOT have to go into every single thread to see what NEW info has been posted. Also, maybe making newly started threads a different color in the title, for like a week or so, so that we can scan the topics and see what really is new. What do you think Ryan and mod????
If we could sign in and simply hit, read last 30 posts, it would be faster for all that are members and guests.


If this does exist already, could someone please show me where it is???[/color]

I agree...

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