"You just asked if there was a Strokes album on the way - no

Jul 05

"You just asked if there was a Strokes album on the way - no

Posted by brittany on

new article to talk about.i have to admit albert got a lot more confident, and i dont know if i like it.


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omg i f*en h8 it wyen ppl hert albert's feeling's

[quote]While it is officially a solo project and he is the chief songwriter, Hammond is quick to highlight the importance of the band he is playing with, made up of Matt Romano, Marc Philippe Eskenazi and Josh Lattanzi.

"Even if on a certain song no one (else in the band) came up with anything, but they pushed me to do the best I could with it, that's more important than you can imagine," Hammond said.

"I think that's what a band truly does, and that's why I think most people want to be in a band."[/quote]

-Viv(I dunno~)

fuck albert
and fuck the strokes

they are the lazy, misleading and Im tired of it

if it werent for us they wouldnt even be talked about

to this day im always like "hey check out this band" to people...like they are new or something

anyways im really disappointed with them and Albert has let the shit go to his head

First Impressions is way better than Yours to Keep

and fuck you albert Im not listening to your new record.

Albert is not obligated to maintain certain personality quirks over the course of 7 years. If he wants to speak up when promoting his own record, he can. Depending on whether or not the Strokes have found a new label, he might not be allowed to reveal any information about the band. He is making sure he has career options independent of whether or not Julian gets his shit together.

I hate to say it but personally I don't think we need to really be worrying about what Albert means or what The Strokes are doing, for me I just want it to be a pleasant surprise when all the solo stuff and the new album hits the internet and the air waves.

I think alberts pissed because that interview was for Alberts new album and they bring up the strokes.
He probaly thinks that all they care about is the strokes.
Or the strokes relly dont have a new album on the way.

He's basically saying he doesn't like being the strokes PR guy. Decisions like when the next album is to be recorded and released are decisions for the band not him and he shouldn't be the one to make these announcements when talking about his solo career. At least that's how I am taking it, if he is truly fed up with the strokes I can play most of his guitar parts they aren't hard parts he can be replaced but I am not saying he should at all.

id say he's fed up of being asked about a new Strokes album before he's even asked about his own new album which is understandable.

[size=85]^^Yeah that is true.
Thats just what press does, make it seem like it's a horrible problem and make the one band member look bad.
Trying to cause tention between the band just to get people to read their shitty articles.[/size]

I can understand Albert's frustration about them constantly asking about The Strokes' next album, but at the same time it's like, what does he expect with him being out in the press holding interviews? He can't honestly expect people to not ask him about the band that made him famous. It seems as if the media is just trying to stoke the fire between Albert and The Strokes with the way they keep asking him and exaggerating things and therefore he continues to sound more angry. I'm hoping Albert and the guys have this all worked out behind the scenes and on the surface Albert's just being a bit grouchy.

albert always keeps it real and speaks plain. i dig that shit. the writer's just trying to make it sound like the band is breaking up when all he said is they're not working on anything [b]at the moment[/b]...which is why i don't read music press anymore. :roll:

[size=85]I agree with you^^
I just think Albert's a little frustrated with the press and just telling all his troubles to them.
I mean I'd get fucking pissed too with press always bugging me... :? [/size]

the strokes wouldnt be the same without albert though :(
i really hope that 4th album comes out and knocks everyones socks off
i love FIOE as well as the other records.. it wasnt bad at all, it was just different.

Fire Albert and move on...

The increasing number of articles relating to Albert not liking FIOE or the seemingly low interest for the band to get back together isn't really reassuring. :(

Fuck that sucks. I liked The Strokes in 2001, Albert was shy, Julian was outgoing, in interviews at least and they were all always stoned or drunk. *Sigh*, I guess you can't fight time.

[quote]He could call it the "Julian Casablancas Strokes Experience"[/quote]
I doubt it, but that would be goddamn halarious.[/size]

He could call it the "Julian Casablancas Strokes Experience"

Not a good sign, but it probably means that Albert is on his way to a permanent solo career. I knew there were problems in the band after a 2 year hiatus. As long as Julian is around, there will always be Strokes music, even if every other member quits.

[quote]new article to talk about.i have to admit albert got a lot more confident, and i dont know if i like it.

http://www.thewest.com.au/aapstory.aspx ... ame=495351[/quote]

He is getting a little touchy :l[/size]

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