little messages in booklet

Jul 16

little messages in booklet

Posted by strokesjunkie on

I found a little message explaining each song on every song page of the liner notes (for example, YOLO = "with a hundred ways to do a dozen things, why not try it all?") except for electricityscape, any ideas? has anyone else found it?

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I think I must buy this CD.

Heeey I want to know more about these! has anyone found more?

How about the "red light" liner The best solutions are often simple,yet unexpected.

ah! thank you! I thought it might be in there, because that was the thing out of the ordinary on the page, but I guess I was looking at it for too long, y'know?

so yeah, thanks =)

the message is in the little rectangle with the blue numbers. turn the booklet upside down and it says "no one leaves an old friend unless they are ashamed"