Oh well, the 4th album

Sep 11

Oh well, the 4th album

Posted by Blajano on

Well this is more like a personal opinion, yeah, but i think that whenever this album comes out, i'd really want to hear the old-strokes-demo-kinda-sound.
The fact that pharrel wants to produce the new album, makes me think that the strokes will end up making hiphop mixed shit, or a really poser music video featuring madonna.
but yeah, still looking forward to the new album!

ps. Has anyone listened to the pre-Is this it stuff? for a new album, it'd be sweet.

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i agree. im sure julian is smart enough to not mess this new album up. he has been picky before on the way the music sounded on the IS This IT demo and im pretty sure hell be doing the same with this one. I really hope they get that old sound ur talking about . PRE-IS THIS IT. i think that they sholdnt have the exact same songs, but they should kinda just modify them. theres alot more where is this it came from. =] i love the strokes

And that unknown song 2 live @ NY is awesome too

its pretty cool!!

pre-Is this it should be the 4th album! hope so
The Rhythm song
A minor 4-4
In her Prime

cheers fom brazil

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