What do you think it will sound like?

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What do you think it will sound like?

Posted by thisisit on

I know I'm jumping the gun just a bit but hey what do you think their new album will sound like?
Will it be the old rock'n'roll it was in Is this it
The popular Room on Fire sound which i can't even begin to explain
Or the new age revolutionary break out of First Impression
Or something totally different i wouldn't know but I'm here to hear rumors about it
So have at it

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It better not be some New Wave shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit, pleas be good :)

its hard to say. i think i'll judge when it comes outt

I think album four will sound like The Hives' album with Pharrell at this point. Possibly like [i]Room on Fire[/i], yay.

it will sound as perfect as the last albums

has anyone heard any rumors that pharell was going to produce the new album??

i bet it will sound like music, ha!

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