"who are you and how do you know julian?"

Jun 19

"who are you and how do you know julian?"

Posted by 1taperedjeanindiefag on

i was reading the little girls lyrics thread about the avalanche that killed those people and
that max guy was like : how do you know that

-thats what he said.

"to whom"


"who are you and how do you know julian?"
franticall ywith teenage girl urgency, thats hilarious

i read that avalanche thing somewhere as well, call it researching or studying lyrics i just call it being obsessed with julian.

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So you got frantic and urgently through the internet? LMAO Just the opposite.. It seemed pretty obvious it was someone from the Strokes office.. I was just wondering who and wanted to see if they would answer.. That others wouldn't ask is far more telling...

I think Julian is a genius and I have never liked a band anywhere near as much as I like the Strokes.. but I am not the star struck type.. the reason I like the Strokes is because I relate to them so much... so, to me, they seem like guys I know.. I would never even ask them for an autograph or anything.. or anyone else for that matter..

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