Evening Sun

Ago 06

Evening Sun

Posted by iluvnickvalensi on

Isn't it just the sweetest song? ;)
I love:
"actors they're pretending
Singers they will sometimes lie
Kids they're always honest
Cause they don't think they're ever gonna die
Your the prettiest, smartest captiain of the team
I love you more than being seventeen."

I think any girl would LOVE to head that from her guy
Or any guy really!!

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,,wow,,sweet words..I always imagine what would be the image of an evening sun,,hmmm,,its like a deep love of a man to a girl,, the writer of this song has this feeling of in-loved..

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perfection, all the parts come together in harmony

So, whenever I hear this quote, I'm assuming the

"Your the prettiest, smartest captain of the team
I love you more than being seventeen"

section is a lie since "singers sometimes lie."

Dunno if I'm looking too into it or if that was it's true intention. Agree/Disagree?

thats my favorite verse from the song :)

that verse is the only good part of the song


OMG Im In Love with this song rite now!

and thats my favorite verse too!


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