You guys Leave me No Choice

Nov 08

You guys Leave me No Choice

Posted by Max Fischer on

You continually harass me.. then act as if I was the one that started it all.. then more and more people that can't think for themselves join in... and of course blame me without actually knowing what is going on.. like lemmings running off a cliff...

I have no choice.. I will just have to create my own JULIAN CASABLANCAS message board.. he's where it's at right now anyway. Let's face it.. the Strokes are kind of on the outs right now.. and may not ever really be back like we all remember them... especially since Julian isn't calling the shots anymore..

Don't worry though.. I will still post here as well! :D

I will just transfer all my posts here as well as the other site... that way it's WIN WIN.

If anyone wants to go to a site where FREE speech is a right and no bullying will be allowed be sure to check out my site. I actually EMBRACE [u]sincere[/u] conversation ulnike the cult members here.

ON my site you will be able to post whatever you feel like.. AS LONG as you aren't trying to control other people like a CULT member.

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Actually it does make sense.. because the best Stroke site IS a Julian site since Julian IS the Strokes as we knew them... and again.. don't worry.. I will still be posting here just as much as I have been. My point in doing this is to stop people from thinking they can bully me.

These weirdos think they can stop me from posting what I want by harassing me.. by creating my own site it shows them their cult member ways are ridiculous. You can't control people on the internet.. so you better just learn to live with differing opinions.. I think in the end when I make my site people will understand what I mean by free speech and I think people will be impressed by what a really ambitious Strokes site can be. No one is even doing anything really cool with it right now. Just a bunch of boring cult sites.. on maxs team!

Uh ok have fun on your Julan Site.and it made no since when u said that it will be the best Stroke site if ur just gonna make it all about Julan.
Whatever floats ur boat.
bye bye now

I work at home.. and I am on the internet a lot for other things unrelated to the Strokes.. also.. I have a real thing about free speech.. and certain people here are part of a group and have been bullying me since I got here.. I am just very stubborn.. I'm not letting losers like that win. Plus I really care about this topic..

On Max Fischers Choice; Or lack thereof


If you are in health, then I am in health.

I've been a member of this board for about 5 years. I rarely post, mostly just check in every now and then to get new information on The Strokes. I don't think there has been one time where I haven't seen Max Fischer posting on the board. I'm not saying this is wrong, but I think it's a little weird. If you (Max Fischer) like music so much and The Strokes especially, why do you spend so much of your time on their message board? Don't you think you could spend time on much more productive things? Things like Strokes songs, Music in general, living life, socializing (IN PERSON). This is not to say that posting on this board is unproductive, but the rate at which you (max fischer) are posting on this board is very intense.

The bottom line... take it easy on the internet and pick up the guitar, drums, or keyboard, or anything musical- then learn the strokes on your instrument of choice.

Brendan Mallon


I am really excited about this Julian site though... I have a lot of ideas about ways to promote the site.. a lot of cool features and things I think Julian fans will really think are cool... I think it's going to be the best Stroke site out there when I am done with it..

See --- team defect putting words in my mouth to try to harass me some more --- I don't detest the Strokes.. the worst I have ever said about the Strokes members outside of Julian is that it was silly to jeopardize the band for their solo projects.. they could have done a thousand other things other than make music that wouldn't have interfered with the band.

Perfect. You detest the Strokes so much it's odd you kept returning to this message board. I mean, whose name is at the top of this page? I do think the excessive, overly numerous posts such as yours are possibly why Julian vetoed a message board on his own site. I heard John Lydon say on the radio that over-the-top fans can be a real pain. If you and Julian met I doubt you'd be the two-peas-in-a-pod that you'd think. But maybe I'm wrong. Have fun over there in your cyber-wannabe-Galt's-Gulch.

cyber bullying is not the answer!

I have no idea who you are but I actually feel for you :(

what!? you have the power to make another FUCKING message board? your fucking wiz


I lol'd

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