bands and djs vote is this it best album of 00s

Nov 18

bands and djs vote is this it best album of 00s

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in this weeks nme poll various writers bands and djs voted is this it best album of 00s . Alex turner and pete doherty both chose it as their fave , whilst julian voted for the arctic monkeys debut . Cool eh ???

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Nme does go mad for alot of bands but i think their love for the strokes runs pretty deep. They have been on the cover countless times (even when they wernt making records) topped various charts and had a few special strokes edition issues. The other week It had Strokes news on the cover so i bought it and all it turned out to be was a little 100 word article about Nickoli running the marathon.

The thing is.. I don't think the quality of their work after Is This It changed.. what I think changed was the mood of the records. As a great artist does I think Julian expressed his emotions in all those albums.. and isn't that what art is really about? And now you can see Julian's rebirth in Phrazes.. and a rejuvenated optimism.

But yeah.. I think what a lot of people are missing is that without the strokes there likely wouldn't be an acceptance of bands like Grizzly Bear and Arcade Fire. Seems to me that what the Strokes did was open people's minds to new ideas... and made it cool to be intellectual.. and others ran with that more than the Strokes did because Julian's goal was to be more mainstream.

I'd like to think so, Max, but I doubt it.

Their first record was extremely influential and, as much as we love their sophomore and first impressions, the others were decidedly un-influential. Is This It was all alone in an apparent world of shit music and so, through its influence, opened the floodgates for other cool music to be heard. Unfortunately the artistic genius of their latter work was lost in the huge wave of garage-y indie-y rock-y retro-y bands that followed.

I think that's why these lists are always bollocks. But I'm pretty happy that Is This It is finally recognised somewhere as the album of the decade, even if it is from the music rag that go ape-shit over just about any flash in the pan hipster band.

I think this is great.. though I think it's silly their other albums weren't anywhere near up there. Seems they left their other albums off as a concession for having them number one.

I wonder when the voting was done? I wouldn't be surprised if Julian's kickass solo work didn't add to his credibility enough to legitimize making them number one right now.

That IS cool. Although surely Julian is being very modest not voting his own record!

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