Wheres the BEEF!?

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Wheres the BEEF!?

Posted by troywilliams on

By beef i mean the 11th Dimension music video. i wanna see julian in all his 11th glory

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i feel like thats def it. i saw him wearing that in some video but it wasent clear enough to see it in detail. also we all know jules wears like 3 things over n over per album lol thats not a bad thing though, but who knows im getting antsy now and cant stop lookin at that pic that outfit is amazing of course he pulls it off

Troy I got a hunch.. I am thinking this mgiht be what Jules wore for the 11th Dimension video.. seems to make sense to me.. we will see. :)


Exactly all the more reason for it to come out NOWw ughh i wanna see it. also those of you who orded julians box set feel free to show us poor ppl the artwork and videos

I know.. I am dying to see it too. Especially since it's about me and all -- Mad Max. ;) :)

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