Coconut Records ROCKS

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Coconut Records ROCKS

Posted by Max Fischer on

This is Jason Schwartzmann's new band.. best of all I am taking a stab that he got the name from Jules -- don't be a coconut.

This is from his Twitter account


Make and submit a video using a Coconut song and we'll pick one to win a prize pack. Deadline 1/20/10[/quote]

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I love the song Microphone!

It's weird because I have been finding music that I like a lot.. Usually I hate everything and like old old stuff. But part of that is because my brothers have a big influence on me and they are a lot older and like old stuff they grew up with.

Yes, I love it when people on the board talk about bands you already know and like. It makes me feel even more connected.

That would be awesome if he got the name from Jules' song. :D Seems pretty plausible.. why else would he use it?

With the video I wonder if you have to make it using original footage you shot or if you can use anything..

Actually I found out about Coconut Records thought Julian's myspace :) And I thought about the cononut thing. They're really cool.

I meant one-man band... and "new" as in since Phantom planet.. :roll:

This "new band" is two records deep and consists of one member, rendering it a solo act.

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