What is Julian saying here?

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What is Julian saying here?

Posted by Max Fischer on

Could you guys listen to the 6:00 mark and try to determine what Julian is saying here? Especially at the end before the interviewer says FIOE was a top ranked album...


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im all for having an opinion if you THINK he sounds that way then say that you THINK he does. see what im saying r u seeing the word that was missing from your opinion..... dnt mean ta start anything jjuuuussst sayin

I think Julian comes off sounding weird not because he is stupid though but because he is so smart. He knows that a lot of times anything you can say can come out sounding incredible dooshy or lame.. so it's like he is trying to dodge all these landmines whenever he answers a question.

For having an opinion?
He sounds like he does the same interview every time? Why? I don't know.
And honestly, having a cold shouldn't stop him from being charismatic in an interview.
I don't mean to be offensive, but how could you deal with four fifths of Julian's monologue being "ummm"s and "ehhhhhhh"s?

[quote="TheEngineer"]He sounds like a fucking idiot.[/quote]

and you sound like a huge douchebag.

How so, TE? :lol:

Keep in mind he has a cold in this interview.. plus with touring and doing all the media.. he probably feels like he's dying.

He sounds like a fucking idiot.

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