Julian wants weird music?

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Julian wants weird music?

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I want the fourth album, if there will be one, to sound like Is This It, Room on Fire, or both. I like The Strokes' raw sound. First Impressions was good, but i think they could have done better than tracks like Killing Lies and Ask Me Anything. Tell me what you think. Here is what NME has about the matter.
Julian Casablancas has said that, following the release of his poppy solo album 'Phrazes For The Young', he wants to make "weird" music in the future.

The frontman told NME Radio's Jon Hillcock this morning (December 22) that, although he wasn't sure if he'd like to make more experimental music solo or with The Strokes, it was definitely an avenue he wanted to explore.

"It's definitely a place I would like to go, musically," he said. "Not electronic… you can do weird with guitars too. This ['Phrazes For The Young'] record was kind of something I needed to get out of my system, almost."

He also spoke about how he found it difficult to write music on tour.

"It's a real bummer," he said. "The touring I don't mind, I don't mind the travelling, it's great, I'll take it. Somehow there's this weird energy you need when you work on music… it always makes you want to pick up a guitar. It's a slight edge you just lose when you pick up the remote control [on tour in a hotel room]."

The interview was broadcast on NME Radio as it went live nationwide on DAB radio this morning (December 22) .

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I hope they don't walk in what I call the ´Rolling Stones`-trap – repeating themselves over and over again, ad infinitum and nauseam. They should rather go for what I call the ´David Bowie`-method – amalgamating all sorts of new ideas and influences with their own unique style.

What's up Isaiah? Well Julian has his own opinions on things (obviously) but I think that he just got it "off his chest" with his solo album, and he will cooperate with the rest of the band members hopefully, and maybe compose awesome music as they did back then. HOPEFULLY.

I think 'Phrazes for the Young' is an amazing album. At first, I was thrown off by the new sound, and was caught off guard by the pop-esque tones. However, after giving the album a few listens, I started to come around, and eventually 'Phrazes' became one of the best albums I've heard in the past recent years. Though it has pop elements, it really is not pop at all. It's like nothing I've ever really heard. "I" believe that the album is somewhat of a breakthrough in its own right. I also like the bonus tracks included in the Deluxe Version. Anyway, I applaud Julian for wanting to go further, explore, and possibly experiment. I believe that the Strokes get better as they progress. In my opinion, Room On Fire is a much better album than Is This It, and I enjoy the 'different' sounding tracks of First Impressions far more than any of their previous releases. Although, I don't really care for the album as a whole- (Killing Lies, Fear of Sleep, nor 15 Minutes), I love every other track. I think if those said tracks were just left off the album completely, it would have been received with a little more praise. Moving on, I can't wait for the Strokes 4th album, and I hope they do pursue that 'so-called' "weird" sound. I'm so anxious to hear fresh tunes from the gang. Personally, I feel that Julian is a musical genious, and everything he does is original, and awesome. I think that fans of the Strokes need to be a little more open minded, then maybe they can appreciate the true value of the new sounds that the Strokes might develop. I guarantee you that if every album sounded like Is This It, people would become bored and dislike those albums as well. The good thing about experimenting is that now they have the option of going back to that original sound they first had. So who knows what's to come? We can hope and wait, but no matter which route the Strokes decide to take, I know I'm going to enjoy it. Let's just hope that this 4th album gets made! Fingers crossed everybody!

I agree with you about the whole "weird music" thing, perhaps if his new solo album was his "wierd" album, id understand, i mean its a solo effort so he should do what he wants, but i defenitley dont think after a 3+ year wait on an anticipated 4th Strokes album, should it be an album full of wierd music, we want Strokes music!:), what worries me is that after reading all the interviews, it seems the band is worse shape than i knew it was, i mean band members not communicating and not being able to talk and figure out practice time for the band, someone is def holding some kind of grudge and making it difficult for the band to get together. Ive read interviews and Julian has said the band knows he is "Always available" which leads me to believe some of the members have some kind of pickle with Julian and its really causing a delay in the process for the band to get together. This bands manager needs to jump in and make an intervention and say HEY, YOU GUYS ARE THE GREATEST F**KING ROCK BAND IN THE WORLD, KNOCK THIS CRAP OFF, HUG AND PLAY NICE...AND GET THIS 4TH ALBUM OUT!!!!:)

Well, I think Phrazes For The Young is an ok album. I like the creativity, but some of the songs are kind of off and on with me. I like tracks like "Out of the Blue", "11th Dimension", and "River of Brakelights" especially. I do feel like Julian is slowly drifting towards how music is in its current state, which I am totally against. I somewhat like the "breakthrough" that The Strokes did with First Impressions, but I do miss the old Strokes too.

If the band went aong with creating "weird" music, I'd be disappointed, as I was with 'Phrazes for the Young.'
I just thought it being Julian C, I thought it was going to be out of this world. And I thought for them being the band they are, he would go out of his way to continue bringing something unique to music, but instead it seemed like he slightly followed to what type of music is being played at the time being.

But as far as the Fourth Strokes album, I feel that it should be a mixture between Room on Fire, and First Impressions of Earth, only because in my opinion, I thought it had some great tracks such as, You Only Live Once, Juicebox, Heart In A Cage, Killing Lies, Fear Of Sleep, Ize Of The World, Red Light, haha basically the whole album. But I don't care too mcuh for the raw sound, or not only because I try understanding the bands perception they wanted to orchestrate in the 'New sound'. Isn't that what a new album is all about? But other than that, I understand you completely.

By the way, whats your input on the 'Phrazes For The Young?'

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