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watch the strokes mess up at around 1:37 into the video.
They instantly pick up the mistake and correct it in a heartbeat! I work with a band and when you mess up it can be quite challenging to bring everything back together.. These guys are amazing.

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i got a bootleg of the 13th... AMAZING! they kinda folow julians lead if he falters so do they, its sorta funny. BUT they arrre relly good!!!

well your not alone. im 17 and have never been to a real concert. only small local shows. nothing big.. im kinda saving it for the strokes. but... sigh.. i dont know what or how things will roll this coming year.

ive never been to a show (which will change jan 8th in boston) but i see what your saying alot of my friends are in bands and ive heard them alot n when they mess up they kinda go like STOP, rewind get back on track or somthing along those lines, these dudes know how to play. i hate how sometimes reviewers say that they play like robots all precise....well isent that sort of a good thing that they play THAT damn good lol

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