Anyone seen Avatar?

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Anyone seen Avatar?

Posted by Max Fischer on

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Yeah... haha That's the thing though. They don't see outside of their world I don't think. If someone's not on the board in their circle for 5 years or whatever they don't think we are worthy.. because they feel like they have seen more info than us being on here so long and therefore their opinion is more valid than ours. :lol:

Then you have the people trying to get on the good side of the regulars by kissing all kinds of butt by acting like the regulars. haha

Wow.. I'm getting tired Troy.. soooo sleepy... I'm gonna crash. See you later! take care!

yeah i see what you mean about that def truee, funny thing is you never know when it comes to the whole newbie thing cuz im more of a newbie than you are as far as the forum goes but ive been a fan of the strokes since day one. theres so many tools out there in the world sadly.

like my sig? its from a set of pix i took for no reason i just decided to be creepy and live up to my "Troy makes weird art" tittle

That's funny about that girl. Sounds like she was in serious denial. I also think it's an ego thing. I have noticed that on these Strokes sites when I come on them.. if I try to talk about the band -- being a noob on the site myself-- they get very hostile.

Seems like they think they know it all about the band and how DARE someone who isn't an old timer even speculate. haha That's why I think it's some kind of human territoriality thing and ego thing.

it was so frigin funny actually and confusing cuz she was only hearing what she wanted to hear. i agree with you about all this, im sure the reason why our fellow fans are like that is becuz they worship the band and dont want to tarnish they're idea of what they think the strokes are. know what i mean, at least you and me understand that the strokes are humans who like to take they're SWEEEET time making an album lol.

That's an awesome pic though. What's it from?

That's funny about saying the truth to that girl though.. haha

But the thing is.. I can ALMOST understand someone getting upset when the truth involves them.. haha.. but when it's like just some public person like the members of the Strokes on a Strokes message board.. seems even MORE strange.. haha

ppl HATEEE the truth its so weird, i told this girl once that i dident care that she was back in New England from school cuz we never hung out so its not like we were friends and i tried to say it in a not hostel way and i said if you wanna hang out kool but its just that we never did so you cant expect me to be excited. she did not like that at all dsnt talk to me anymore, but then again i dident loose anything cuz i havent seen her since 9th grade lol. but yeah ppl just cant take the truth i myself i enjoy the hell out of it even though it hurts a bit sometimes.

i know my signature pic is REALLY redic im not a tech wizz as young as i am, im working on the pic haha

That's the thing though.. I probably did become a huge Dbag.. but so would anyone if you get messed with enough. It's like you have a choice.. either back down from the bullying or stand up and get harassed.. I just had fun with it and gave them shit and then people just assume I am the bad guy... Also.. it makes you take a more extreme position in an argument when people are attacking you constantly..

Another thing that bothers me is how people are afraid of the truth. I kept wanting to talk about issues with the band -- issues that turned out being exactly how I thought they were according to Julian in recent articles. This was a big reason people were so pissed at me... for speaking the truth! So crazy...

that reminds me of the grade school days lol, i used to tease and bully this girl who i had a huge crush on just cuz all my friends hated her. glad i dont do that now, at some point i thought "is this Max a huge d-bag?" so i investigated a bit and found out that you where only defending your opinon which no one should have to do. i dont regret finally joining this forum its fun!

I have a feeling other people may have felt the same but they were afraid people would treat them the same if they tried to defend me or they just went along with the crowd. The people who start that stuff know that the person they all attack will look like the bad guy.

I guess it's a territorial/survival thing. They probably do it because they are scared OR they want power maybe.

Thanks for not being scared to take a stand, Troy. You are a rare person!

i think its the times you know, not just good ol' USA but everywhere. im so forgiving only cuz well my parents raised me that way and im just to lazy to be angry all the time to much effort you know. i remember reading this forum a while ago and notticing that you (Max) would always get barked at and i always thought "damn these ppl are harsh, id prob be friends with Max"

That's cool that you are so forgiving. I don't know why people are so freakin hostile these days. It's crazy. Like on this board. People just turn on each other for no reason whatsoever.. just for kicks.

True, who knows could have been somthing else that happend to him that put him in a bad mood, but watching the video comparing it to how i have to deal with ppl who are 100% dumbasses/rude and i give em a smile. i really wanna see the movie but i get turned off by ppl being that way for any reason. just so you guys know im a bit of a hippie i belive in loving everyone and dont belive in being hostle to anyone i take it to a far extent like when my friend was the cause of a 2nd degree burn on my arm and i was like meh its alright even tho it hurt like a huge burning whore.

i ramble to muchh. im prob gonna end up watching avatar anyway so long as i dont pay for it lol

That sounds awesome Troy!

Thing is though Troy.. about Cameron. did you see what happened before? Or maybe Cameron had bad experiences before so he is kind of crazy about it haha.. Sometimes other crazy people make people crazy. But he might just be a jerk too! haha

OMG tottallyyy off topic but my friends building a in-house theater at his parents house and i get to watch the delux phrazes stuff in it, i think my head will blow up my eyes will melt away and my ears will make sweet love to eachother

i hear what your sayin, i dont like to say somthing unless im informed about it. the thing about james being a jerk was a video of him saying that to a fan... it was kind of crushing kinda like watching one of your friends turn into a TOOL

That's what I was thinking about the text.. but it's a great idea.. thanks!

yeah max I think that's a really good idea actually.cus It would be really random if you just send her a text asking her out on a date.a bit too much too

and troy.Avatar is a really good movie.don't listen to what the media has to say.

Be careful though.. don't judge people on rumors or because someone else doesn't like them.

I have a lot of enemies on here because people saw me standing up for myself and blamed me just because more people were against me.

Maybe Cameron is a jerk but make sure you know for sure please! :D

Sometimes it's not the person blamed who is crazy but the rest of the world.

i cant watch Avatar but i wanted to =[


1. Its being mashed down my throat by media

2. I recently found out that James Cameron is a huge grade A D-Bag ---> man asks for autograph on avatar poster James responds w/ "i dont fucking owe you anything, get the fuck out of my personal space" theres no reason for him to talk to anyone that way even if his space was being invaded by someone who loves what he does...ive lost respect for the man.

OMG.. Alvin hahaha

I'm not sure when I will ask her.. I kind of like the text idea.. haha Maybe I will wait awhile and start texting her a bit before I ask her out.. I think that could work!

don't worry you'll be fine!
so when are you gonna ask her?

and oh if she's already seen it there's always Alvin and the Chickmunks .haha.JkJkJk

You make it sound sooooo easy. haha

Hopefully she hasn't already seen it! gahhh!

Well next time you see her around your neighborhood you should ask her what she's doing for the weekend.And then ask her out.Don't use any cheesy pick up lines.haha.Just act casual.and stay cool.
and if you're too nervous to ask her in person you should text her.

A little bit.. just like seeing her in my neighborhood. I say hi and stuff... I have her phone number. :lol: Should I call her or what? :P What should I say to sound smooth?

haha aww don't be.

well for starters have you at least talked to her?lol.

Cool! I'm nervous though! :lol:

Give me some tips.. warm me up.. lol

How should I ask her?

haha.aww you should have asked her!
but yeah I'm sure she would like it.

Nope.. I was thinking of going this weekend I was going to ask this girl to go.. haha That's why I was wondering if you liked the romance. :P

I liked both.the action more tho.

have you seen it yet?

Did you like the action or the romance aspect or both?

I did! I saw it last night.
I thought it was better than I thought it would be.It was too long tho.I enjoyed the last half of the movie better.the beginning kinda bored me.but it was a really good movie IMO.

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