Where the heck is everybody?

Ene 12

Where the heck is everybody?

Posted by Max Fischer on

I even miss Team Defect.. LOL For serious.. :D

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The site should get busy again soon, with the new album and all. But the spam is really annoying now :evil:

yeah it's the spam! Span can go jump off a cliff and die! lol..no but seriously.

We hate the spams:S

That's crazy.. am I losing my marble? did you mention seeing ths how on here? You should write all about it I would like to hear about it. I could live through you. :D

i saw him on the 8th in boston, i was 3 feet away from him the whole show it blew my mind, but i dident get to see or talk to him after the show there was no way to get to the back of the building that i knew of =[

Are you seeing Julian soon Troy? Come up with any ideas to ask him anything or do anything if you meet him?

"cuz no one really cares or wonders why anymore"

it makes me sad to check up on the forum and see that 4 out of 5 posts are spam.

i think as soon as we start seeing a stedy flow of news about the strokes 4th album this forum will get a boost, mean while lets get this thing off life support and get it running guys!

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