The Strokes - In the Studio part 1

Feb 12

The Strokes - In the Studio part 1

Posted by mexstrokesfan2204 on

i already posted this on the general discussion, but since is also about the 4th record i'm also putting it here. maybe all of you already saw the vid but here it is again
i really liked the vid it was very funny and i was glad to see at least 4 of the strokes recording their 4th record. and again i can't wait to hear the single: Nikolai broke the zoom... seems like it's going 2 be very cool. :D

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hahahahah it's been so long since I've been here. Nice to see it's clear of spam though, as far as I can tell. Can't wait for in-studio video #2 and beyond. Hell, can't wait for the 4th album! But duh.

haha i love these guys

yeah super sick!!

"i dont even know where i am right now"

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