Ideas for Events to accompany The Strokes Las Vegas show

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Ideas for Events to accompany The Strokes Las Vegas show

Posted by remraf55 on

Hi all,

I am new to the forum and am hoping to reach out to all of you for some suggestions for some additional programming to accompany The Strokes' Las Vegas concert in March. What I want to know is what do the true Strokes fans want to do and experience? I want to create a full Strokes infused weekend experience as opposed to guests just going to see a concert and leaving. If people are going to come to Vegas to see the band perform they should be able to do other cool stuff. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

[b]So far I have a few ideas such as:[/b]
concert poster showcase/exhibition within our art studio,
a museum of Strokes memorablia, music videos, influences, listening stations, etc.
auction of signed guitar or memorablia for charity ------------------------------------------anyone know a Strokes specific/favorite charity??
rock n roll themed dinner paired with wines.
'70s styled backstage/post concert hotel party using one floor of the hotel where all rooms are open to party and the band is present.

Additionally if anyone knows specifics on the band's likes/dislikes, etc that could help as well with planning events for the band itself or stuff that they would like to do with fan participation. Any help is greatly appreciated and all suggestions are wanted. Thanks.

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Why don't you host the official Strokes after party!

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