tour dates..

Mayo 22

tour dates..

Posted by abby_chisholm on

come to tampa, fl. like legit. if you guys even tour in america, you should definately play at the st. pete times forum. ill be there, on the floor, front row, completely losing my shit to every song you guys play, singing every lyric at the top of my lungs. and im sure other people will be crazy like me.

tampa loves you,

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uhhh toronto please:)

Lets get a proper LA show guys! No more festival shows in SoCal.

Come To Little Old Vermont And Play At Higher Ground In Burlington This Summer Or The Champlain Valley Fair In Late August! It Would Make My Summer!

lol, i hope so!! (:

i would agree, but.. i dont really live in tampa, or anywhere near there.. so.. anyway hopefully they come to tampa so you can go see theemm!

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