Tour South America Please!!!!

Jun 01

Tour South America Please!!!!

Posted by carlalovesthestrokes on

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Please check out the cover me and a friend did of Take it or Leave it. <a href="" title=""></a>

¡please come to C O L O M B I A , we are waiting ... please come Thanks!


Vengan a Chile Chicos <3 los Esperamos con ansias Besos!

Vengan a Chile Chicos <3 los Esperamos con ansias Besos!

you HAVE to come to Perú, we love your music guys! ):

please, please, please come to Chile, we´re waiting for you

i know is reiterative, but plays in Peru please .10 years happened without seeing them in vivo.
no I want to wait others 10 years more.

Come on! You have a song called Machu Picchu! You have to come to Peru!!!

naaaa come to Canada!!!

Estarán en Argentina el 4 de noviembre en el Personal Fest, un día antes que su agendada presentación en el festival Planeta Terra, de Brasil.
Está super confirmado por el twitter oficial de The Strokes! Laughing out loud

Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee come to ARGENTINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


we'll be grateful if you come to colombia Laughing out loud

strokes you, you guys gotta come to colombia and of course other countries in south america, please do a south american tour, you guys have so many fans in south america and im talking besides brazil..., but like colombia, uruguay and peru and bolivia and venezuela. im moving to medellin colombia at the end of september. PLEASE. do a tour. I might not survive if I don't see you guys again. I saw you guys back in April 1rst at MSG. Amazing show. but yeah. THINK ABOUT IT. Smile

Hi to all, including the ones that always are beside you, giving you advices and friendship in this musical life. I'm not sure, not at all, if you read all this comments and post from the people that loves you music and that are sooooooo far to get the chance of a concert. I will love to see confirmed The Strokes south America tour. But, not a few countries. I live in Colombia, and there are so few bands that come here :S Through time, things have got better. But, whenever I see a South America tour announced, the bands don't to Colombia, or Venezuela, or Paraguay, or Uruguay, or Bolivia, and well so many others.
I know, I truly know, that a tour, never is easy to be pull off. You are humans!, you get tired, you need to rest, you need all the stuff required for an awesome presentation. But, I grant you, that if you give a chance for a TRUE South America Tour, you'll never regret. You are loved in all this side on the globe. COLOMBIA LOVES YOU. I'll do anything to se you if you came here to Colombia, and no only Colombia, I don't want a selfish mind. 'Cause I know that in those countries, including where I live, there are many many manyyyyy people, wishing for the day to see The Strokes playing for them. Trust me, you come once, and you will like it so much, that there's a chance you come again. Please think about it, a lot. And finally, thank you for your music, it has been one of the most important elements in my life. It has saved my life, it has change my life and it makes me happy. Thaks for all guys, you are awesome, keep doing music like that. Smile Daniel Zorrilla Romero. Colombia, Bogotá´. 15 Years. Remember guys "You Only Live Once" Smile

Please come do more show in Brazil! The Festival you are perfoming in São Paulo was sold out in 14h!! There are thousands of fans begging you guys for more shows here. The citys of Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre have the competence to support a gigantic show of you guys, and you can easily fill up a hole soccer stadium of fans! Please, please extend your tour in South America!

Today is celebrating the centenary of discovery MACHU PICCHU, Can you have the possibility to come here after the show in Brasil, We are millions of fans waiting for you! Please come to Perú (:

COME TO Peru!!!
come to Machu Picchu
let's go.

So, I'm not going to be original with what I'm asking but... PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASEEEEEEE!!! COME TO ARGENTINA! Idon't see you guys since 2005!! I wanna hug you!! =) COOOOOOOME!

please come to rio de janeiro!! unfortunately my brother's weeding is on the same day as your show in planeta terra festival in sao paulo ( november 5). I'm so sad!!!!!!!! I love you guys and I NEED to go to your show!!!!

after 1 hour i bought the tickets to see strokes in november at planeta terra festival i cant belive! Smile

yes, please!!! come to Chile!!!!!!!! im begging you!!

Yes they will come to Planeta Terra in Brazil. These guys love music, but the tickets were sold. I'm out of my big chance to see them play. Please guys, give me a chance!

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