Touring Comedown Machine?

Mar 25

Touring Comedown Machine?

Posted by mahnuma on

So in Nick's interview for Amanda's The Conversation, he said they wouldn't be touring much for this album... but that does make it sound like they'll tour a little.

I will book a flight to New York if that's what it takes. xD I really hope they tour the US though, at least!!

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And London!

Tour on Brazil too guys <3
For Fab's sake

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And the USA^ Shock

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The same from Russia.

Boys, I've alredy hooked on you all my company. So you owe me something, don't you? One concert in Moscow and we're even.

No, seiously, it's great sadness that you aren't touring. Why so :'-(?..

omg those smileys look ridiculus:D

I've been waiting for what feels like ages to see the strokes live and when i heard of the new album i was so happy because i thought they'd tour. Now, that they said they won't i am pretty sad. That's just like letting a dog smell his food and then not give it to him Laughing out loud They could at least tour a little bit here and there and like nikolai said it would probably be fun and he'd love to tour. come on guys, pleasee! love from germany Sexy

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