Tour on Comedown Machine!

Mar 27

Tour on Comedown Machine!

Posted by NO aBUses on

Please tour on Comedown Machine, The Strokes!!!
And do it at a few spots in every continent - everyone loves your music, men!!!

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come to the urban awesome city of pittsburgh- so many people love you guys

I dont care if its new or old material. I love your all the albums in your catalog.

San Francisco!!!!! San Francisco!!!! San Francisco!!!!

Love your rock music and your art. Comedown Machine could not have been a more awesome prodcut. Love your work. Stay safe, Noth American Tour would be fun. Would love to rock out live!

Portugal, please! Thank you!!!!!!!!

Brisbane, Australia would be absolutely tops


Yes Please Tour for this it would be great! Do it like the is this it tour, play a bunch of venues in every state and country i'd kill to survive to see the strokes!!

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