a long story

Jul 30

a long story

Posted by taC on

five years ago
i met a mean looking crow
tired overwhelmed sad and especially stagnated in habits
he sang many songs and i asked and told him a rabbit
because everytime
i said "hello i love you"
he said "won't you tell me you name"
it's okay

i'm still saying pick pick pick do it me up pick pick YES HELLO IP AD
don't hide no fear we don't need this
i believe i love i'm open and honest AND YOU?

it seems not
i'm waiting because
he isn't ready because
he is in doubt and fear not in love because
just my reality... who knows?

faith and truth NAJA
i said many things but sometimes a short message isn't the place because
of her mind stuff, i see..do you see? yes? sure? so maybe you understand..

and again, what's the reason why i write here and no mail?
not my decision, right

well, won't you come home?

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