>>> ECUADOR ! <<<

Abr 10

>>> ECUADOR ! <<<

Posted by krlng5 on

So, Julian was having a very nice time here at South-America with his new band "The Voidz", made pretty cool performances and he looks very happy with the fans.

I think that u guys should come again to this part of the world all together as "The Strokes" and have more time with fans.

I'm Ecuadorian, and we never get the cool bands here Sad
I love my country, I'm pretty sure it's one of the most beautiful countries because of all
the rad nature that we have, the cool people and the vibe we have here... u know... it's SOUTHAMERICA man!

If u guys wanna try something different, do a performance at the paradise. Come here please! I know "it's all about the money" but when u feel stressed u should come here and make some cool shows, remembering when it all started, back in 2001... I mean, that vibe and that kind of crowd haha.

Have a nice day saviours!

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