Summer Sonic

Summer Sonic

August 14, 2011 (All day)
Summer Sonic
Osaka, Japan

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face the media,hah all of illinois loves you, and imean the strokes as one not as julian or just as fab, dude i would kill to go to one of ur conserts but honestly its immpossable when ur not even near my town, u guys are alwaays in the united kingdom or some shizz, alot of people want the strokes to preform in chicago, if only you guys did i wuld be the first of 10009 to buy that ticket,iv waited years for yu guys to preform in chicago, and i yu guys still dont preform hear, all i got is stupid youtube, you guys our my favorite band and i dont juat say that because julian casablanca is really hott but because bands like the strokes do nothing at all and have totally succes, but serously you guys should preform in chicago the only thing that wuld really make me smile, condering i dont do much of that with these braces ahh!!

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