Planeta Terra Festival

Planeta Terra Festival

November 5, 2011 (All day)
Planeta Terra Festival
Venue URL:,,OI5121919-EI18200,00-Ingressos+Planeta+Terra+Terra.html
Sao Paulo, BR

Comments for this Date

Five years waiting, and i'm sure It will be worth it. Can't wait to get to "Sao Paolo".

This will be sooooo special. My love will be with me and we're going to see you. The perfect day. Smile

"Omg, The Strokes in Brazil!!!" \o/o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/ Uoow!! *-* ..I'll Don't Lose This Show

I'm very sad to not able to buy my ticket!!! Sold Out.. : (

I want Strokes IN RIO DE JANEIRO!!!!!!!
RIO DE JANEIRO TOO! PLEEEEEEEEEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can anybody hear me????? hahahahaha


I love you guys. Come to Rio, please!

yeah, we´re very excited with this notice, we´re waiting 6 years for this, thanks god.

I'm really looking forward to the show!

Feel at home guys...

I'm counting every single second for this...

Nikolai broke the zoom Tour! I cannot wait

This whole life, is it a dream? I can't tell...

I will wait for you!

why only one show in Brazil? ally this tour guys!!!

I really want to know when the tickets are for sale for everyone, I'm from argentina and I have NO idea where to buy the tickets! please strokes fans help me!

Wowww yeahh

come back to Argentina please!



hey guys, more concerts in Brazil please...
maybe we don't buy too much albums as japan and usa...
but there's a bunch of people that love strokes here...

Not going because I live in another city! Please come to Rio! And you guys misspelled the name of the city. Is Sao PaUlo, not Sao PaOlo. Tnx.

yeeeah, we are very excited !

Please come to Argentina!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just love that they`re coming!

Looking forward to see you guy's!!!

please please come to argentina!!!!

Oh I'm soooooo happy, so excited!!! =D
I'll be waiting for you baby!!! **

kisses my loves!!

I need to see you guys for the second time! Can not stand the wait! Arrives on November 5th!

i want to buy the tickets as soon as possible!

look forward to Nikolai broke the zoom tour!!! great! love it <3

I just can't believe it,I will go to this concert for sure !!!!!!!!!!

(: strokes ♥

All the brazilian fans are too excited. We need more The Strokes' concerts here in Brazil!

I'm so happy! Really excited! Can't wait for it.

i want to go to te show of strokes

some nonsense shit

WHOA this is the one with the biggest number of fans attending... 111! It's kinda sad that is going to be just one show.

Man! I've been expecting this for FIVE YEARS! This will be the greatest show ever! but you guys have to come more times, we love you guys here in brazil! Can't wait for it!

HEY GUYS, i'm pretty excited about this! But just don't forget that Brazil is a fuckin' large country and you must make a lot of shows, not only in São Paulo! OH FUCK, I WANNA SEE YOU!

I'm very excited for this show here in Brazil, it's a shame there is only one show in São Paulo = ( I wanted a show in Rio de Janeiro, but has no problem we ll going to sao paulo show what really is the Brazilian public.

loco é poco


We need strokes in Rio de Janeiro!

Confirm Argentina RIGHT NOW.

o mais comentado,nao tem pq nao fazerem mais shows aqui!

strokes in brazil? OMG

strokes in brazil again! now can i go =)) cya!! strokes the best,of course.

alguém do Rio que vá ao show? companhia seria bom.

in Chile, we are waiting for you!!

como to rio too ! Laughing out loud