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The Strokes Australian Tour253 years 9 weeks ago
by Liliana
25 weeks 3 days ago
by Dimis2014
The Strokes at the Paleo Festival / Switzerland03 years 3 weeks ago
by i_love_the_strokes
The Strokes at Madison Square Garden - Ticket for Sale03 years 17 weeks ago
by Nicole
The strokes at lollapalooza !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASEEEEEE 02 years 31 weeks ago
by lollapalooza
The Strokes at Glastonbury 201015 years 3 weeks ago
by thestrokesaregreat
3 years 11 weeks ago
by Zeke
The Strokes and The Arctic Monkeys concert in Los Angeles, please?12 years 47 weeks ago
by HurricanePati
47 weeks 4 hours ago
by Shirley T. Harrison
The Strokes @ Big Day Out help!!!!05 years 9 weeks ago
by stroke_me
The Strokes - Canada Tour213 years 11 weeks ago
by Darkizzy
47 weeks 16 hours ago
by amabelmathews89
The Strokes - Australian Tour?02 years 43 weeks ago
by julingus
The Stroke in Manila02 years 36 weeks ago
by Una
Thank you, thank you guys!! Brazil loves you!12 years 38 weeks ago
by Olga Martins
2 years 36 weeks ago
by livia_facirolli
Texas, anyone?03 years 2 weeks ago
by LeFrizz
Summer Sonic 201113 years 29 weeks ago
by vincomens
3 years 11 weeks ago
by myusername
strokes south america11 year 17 weeks ago
by edwinescence
1 year 16 weeks ago
by AntoCasablancas
strokes should came to madrid,spain02 years 49 weeks ago
by iñigu
STROKES PLEASE COME TO FLORIDA!!!02 years 22 weeks ago
by saturnmercury
Strokes LIVE! - Fans' Experiences (Pix & Reviews)66 years 6 weeks ago
by ttqs84
3 years 11 weeks ago
by professor_plum
Strokes in Toronto11 year 18 weeks ago
by rockstarrob
1 year 11 weeks ago
by thisistheguy
STROKES in Las Vegas05 years 9 weeks ago
by mexstrokesfan2204
Strokes in Corona Capital Festival?03 years 11 weeks ago
by RobertMan16
STROKES IN ARGENTINA06 years 3 weeks ago
by luu
Strokes en Argentina 2011 <3 73 years 11 weeks ago
by ohtherazorblade
3 years 7 weeks ago
by Lucy-likeason
strokes dvd!!!! (why not???????????)01 year 2 weeks ago
STROKES AT LEEDS 2K1103 years 36 weeks ago
by RachWake
South america Tour03 years 8 weeks ago
by carlalovesthestrokes
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