Angles (2011)

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1 Play Track Machu Picchu MP3
2 Play Track Under Cover Of Darkness MP3
3 Play Track Two Kinds Of Happiness MP3
4 Play Track You're So Right MP3
5 Play Track Taken For A Fool MP3
6 Play Track Games MP3
7 Play Track Call Me Back MP3
8 Play Track Gratisfaction MP3
9 Play Track Metabolism MP3
10 Play Track Life Is Simple In The Moonlight MP3

Reviews for this Album

I love this album so much! what I've expected from the strokes, keep it up ! aren't you planning to come to Egypt? Sad or at least the Arab world in general.. please!

O Que Geneal Album y Mas con las Rolas Under cover of Darkness y Two Kinds of Happiness Muy Buenas Por Cierto Donde Queda Mexico Deberian Visitaloo !!! Aqui Hay Mucho que Darr !!! Uuuhh xD

I'm 13 years, I'm crazy about The Strokes, I'm a fan number 1.
Please, come do a show in Brazil, I really want to go!

I love You The Strokes! XD

the album is pretty great especially for the distortion and "floaty" sound, in my vision. are there any vinyl versions of the album? because i have a vinyl collection and i'm trying to expand it with new records.

I just love The Strokes! Please do not delay to return to Brazil!! The Brazilians love you!!!


is a wonderful album, as above. The Strokes congratulations!

★★★★★ Wink definitely.
i agree with everyone else on here though.
Legit lyrics please!!!!!

Just EXCELLENT!!! Greetings from chile Laughing out loud