Angles (2011)

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1 Play Track Machu Picchu MP3
2 Play Track Under Cover Of Darkness MP3
3 Play Track Two Kinds Of Happiness MP3
4 Play Track You're So Right MP3
5 Play Track Taken For A Fool MP3
6 Play Track Games MP3
7 Play Track Call Me Back MP3
8 Play Track Gratisfaction MP3
9 Play Track Metabolism MP3
10 Play Track Life Is Simple In The Moonlight MP3

Reviews for this Album

Please post the lyrics to Angles! I've been looking over at and the lyrics to Moonlight, Two kinds, and Macchu Picchu are downright stunning. I would love to see the lyrics to the rest of this masterpeice. EVERY element of this disc is superb. The story behind the music truely makes the songs 10X better. Can't wait until your next disc and trip to Milwaukee.

This album disappointed me a little bit. Some of the songs didn't sound anything like The Strokes. "Two Kinds Of Happiness" sounded like it was from the 80's, witch kind of surprised me.
Overall, the album was good, but definitely not my favorite.

La musica es buenazaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crown Epic album!!!!!!!! Steve

I love how clear I can hear Julian's vocals <3
I like every song on this album, GO BUY IT NOW <3

I absolutely love The Strokes!! You should return to Portugal!!
Portuguese people really misses you.

The most addictive band I've ever heard!

The most addictive band I've ever heard!

I'd say this is my favorite album, but it still has all of their old albums to compete with. It is a great album and a steal at only $10. Go buy it now! It includes some of my favorite songs ever, such as Machu Picchu and Taken for a Fool.

tenho sim @bspirlandelli *-*
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