Angles (2011)

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1 Play Track Machu Picchu MP3
2 Play Track Under Cover Of Darkness MP3
3 Play Track Two Kinds Of Happiness MP3
4 Play Track You're So Right MP3
5 Play Track Taken For A Fool MP3
6 Play Track Games MP3
7 Play Track Call Me Back MP3
8 Play Track Gratisfaction MP3
9 Play Track Metabolism MP3
10 Play Track Life Is Simple In The Moonlight MP3

Reviews for this Album

This album is great , not as good as their past work but still awesome!!!!!! " love you guys, hang in there " julian casablancas.

Its great! cant stop sing & dance alone Laughing out loud

Would it be possible to have the lyric sheets for the songs? They didn't come with the album booklet, and only got two from Julian's solo website. It would be awesome to have the lyrics of the songs...

i really love the strokes. i listen to them everyday and every night. they make me....happy. i love how every song sounds different...and how each one of them is gorgeous and hilarious. i am DYING to meet them and hope they come to NYC to perform at MadisonSquareGarden before i leave NY!!!! i cant wait to see them in concert none the less meet them and actually TALK to them and HUG them....PLEASE...PLEASE come to NYC. I <3 the STROKES!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will finally have this amazing CD in 12 days! (It's my birthday) I've waited so long, and had to listen to the songs online but I'll finally get my very own copy :') I love Taken For a Fool, Undercover of Darkness, Life is Simple in the Moonlight, Machu Picchu.. well all of them basically. Xx

Machu Picchu is the best song what I've ever heard Smile great melody and fantastic lyrics <3
I like so much songs Two Kinds Of Happiness,Games,Taken For A Fool too.. but I bought this album yesterday so I haven't heard all of them yet.. now I'm listening Tongue

i love it<3

I love Taken For A Fool . Great song

lol this is the album that i can't make out the lyrics to and they aren't posted. goddamn

LYYYRIIICS please =)

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