Angles (2011)

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4 Play Track You're So Right MP3
5 Play Track Taken For A Fool MP3
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10 Play Track Life Is Simple In The Moonlight MP3

Reviews for this Album

You guys Killed it at Shoreline On June 5th, I had my hands up the whole time. Probably noticed, I was pretty damn close. Row C right in the middle. You guys rocked and I love the new album Glad you could stop by Northern California, Hope you find time again.

Come to Brazil!!!

Undercover of darkness n' machu picchu are the best songs of this album!

life is simple in the moonlight has become one of my favorite strokes songs of al time!

come to LA!

Wonderful, I loved all the tracks, the beat in "Call Me Back" reminds me of Bossa Nova. All lyrics amaze me! VERY GOOD ^.^

I think this album was an amazing new thing you guys have discovored. I feel like you guys tapped in to a new type of music. All the songs are so well put together that it's hard to beleive. I wasn't expecting anything like this and I'm glad I didn't its fun to be surprised by something this profound. I just wanted to say thanks for the music you guys and Julian your lyrics have inspired me so much I want to thank you personally one day. P.S. It would be great if you guys posted some lyrics, thanks.


COME TO MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's hard to live up to expectations by fans who expect everything to sound like "Hard to Explain" (or the kids who learned about this band from playing Rock Band, so "Reptilia" is all they know). I wasn't too sure of the album as a whole when I first downloaded it. I knew "Taken For a Fool" would sound rockin' live, and after seeing the guys on the Letterman Show I can hardly wait for a live show! "Macchu Picchu", "Taken for a Fool", "Under the Cover of Darkness", and "Life Is Simple in the Moonlight" are my highlights... I strongly dislike "You're So Right". Whoa, really don't like the arrangement. But all in all, great album! Bring on the live shows!!!