Comedown Machine

Comedown Machine (2013)

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Please please tour in Florida and make it Ft.Lauderdale or Miami! Florida loves The Strokes Smile

A lot of people don't like the new album because of how different it is compared to their other albums but I love it! It's more mellow but regardless it's still gr8 dude

Very cool albums, love how each one has some new sounds. Like the indie New Order/Cure style of these guys. The music coming out these days has been so painful, nobody wants to put in the time to be creative like the Strokes. Chances is by far my favorite song on Comedown followed closely by Call it fate, Call it Karma. Keep it up, please. Smile

I can't comedown!!!! Comedown to Houston, TX!!! Or anywhere in the US!! I will follow!! <3 I'll make you another pretty posterrrr. Laughing out loud

Fucking awesome. Now lets see some touring for it

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