Comedown Machine

Comedown Machine (2013)

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Love this record. I think of it as a marriage of First Impressions and Angles.

Please tour this year in California!!!! You guys are the best band ever, hands down. I never get tired of your music and this album is the greatest.!!! <3 -Victoria

I bought the album & a week later my bestfriend & I took a road-trip to my state's capitol to go to a concert. All the way there & back, & during the time we spent there.. Comedown Machine was all we listened to. Let me just mention, I have loved♥ this band, with all my heart, for years. She has never liked them for reasons unknown to me! Though, since that road-trip & Comedown Machine, she finally admitted they are simply genius, just brilliant. It took her long enough.

Also, I am not the type of girl who enjoys driving with the windows down.. Though, this album gives me that impulse. It's a good feeling(:

xo, Rosey♥

You guys are the best!!! Please please tour this year!!!!

Amazing. Amazing. Amazing album. From Julians fantastic voice. To Fabs awesome drumming. To Nickolais bass. To Albert & Nicks guitar playing. Its different, unique, diverse. I think the lyrics were very well written. Ever since I first heard the Strokes music it has inspired me & changed my out look on music for the better. I love the lyrics of the songs. When it all comes together its like a lyrical, musical, miracle. Please you guys NEVER stop making music. You guy are actually one of the only modern bands that i'm really really into because your guys music makes sense.

Amazing album!!!


The Strokes was one of the first bands I branched out with after the end of Nirvana.....I felt like I was cheating on them (dork)
It's been so nice to see such diversity with The Strokes & true musicians at that. I took my son to see Julian play in NYC during his solo tour and his voice doesn't waver from what you hear on the records.
I personally love this album. It's different but still has that strong sound that these guys have invented. I just read a "statement" claiming that they were disappointed with this album - or something to that effect & I hope that isn't true. This is good stuff and it would be a shame to see them go away.....

P.S. Dear Strokes, please come to the Pac Northwest and play in Portland, Oregon

An A-MA-ZING album!!!! Comedown Machine truly is a masterpiece!!!!!

Absolutely loved this album <3 Amazing job gentlemen, amazing job! If you tour can you please come to San Antonio Texas( or if you can a little lower, I live on the tip of Texas) , I've been dying to see you guys live! >< Love you and your music!! <3 <3

Really enjoyed the new album...Keep it up! One of the best rock bands of all time!
Strokes are unique!

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