Comedown Machine

Comedown Machine (2013)

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Light & Love to you all!!

Ally <3

Perfect Album! Congratz, you did it again!
I'm very happy with this new album, and so glad my favorite band is together again!
Come to Brazil soon!

I got the album.. Its better than i expected. When I heard One Way Trigger i was skeptical but the album turned out fine. What I'm really here to do is post this. <a href="" title=""></a>

A LOTUS. You mad The Strokes?

Please do a UK tour for new album ..,

Get your ass to Mars...

Come to OKC Oklahoma!!!! Can't to hear the synthesizers on this album!

Come to Los Angeles ! <3

Comedown Machine is great. "Is this it" nostalgia skewed my opinion the first time I listened to it; I liked a few songs (All the Time), but did not get it. By the second time, I began harvesting the other (noticeably) large diamonds in the album-Partners in Crime, Welcome to Japan, 50/50, Tap Out, and OWT. Then, on the third listen, I discovered that the unnoticed rocks were actually rough diamonds-Happy Endings, Chances, Slow Animals, 80s Comedown Machine, and CIF, CIK. Now, I realize just how valuable the album is.
CM has a NYC vibrancy that is futuristic and nostalgic, but very much in the present as well. I will always love Is This It, Room on Fire, and FIOE (I like Angles as well for its high water marks). CM is in the same class (and is actually more consistent than FIOE). I feel sorry for the people who do not get past the Is This It-ism. They are missing the point. Great music is still alive and well due to firecrackers like the Strokes. Their energy is contagious. Comedown Machine has already found its place in the Strokes's treasure chest for me. I hope it hits you in the same way.

argentina please

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