Comedown Machine

Comedown Machine (2013)

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Cannot wait for this Album in The US ! So Excited !
When you guys aren't to busy with all the other popular cities, It would mean a lot to your fans out here in Phoenix,AZ if you Guys can Come and show everyone what Good music is (:

Hi Strokes! Smile
Please Come to ITALY!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!
We are waiting!!!!

Hey! Not sure if anyone from the strokes will read this but aha whatever. It'd be great if in your next tour you could come to Canberra in Australia that would be the best! We are the capital of Australia and not many bands come meaning if you came it'd be heaps cool! There are sooo many strokes fans in Canberra and AUS and its be awesome if you could come!

PLEASEEEE, come to Peru!!!
I love you, guys!

PLEASE come to Denver, Co!

Come to St. Louis

I guess this fucking album is awesome and amazing, please come to Colombia we cannot wait

Cannot wait for this album!!! Counting down the days!! Going to be legendary I can feel it in my bones...

come to venezuela!!!

United States