Comedown Machine

Comedown Machine (2013)

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New songs are too anxious for the album. Come quickly to Porto Alegre, Brazil

Fabuloso album. muito sucesso para todos. Porão do Rock e Lollapalooza Brasil está esperando por vocêis. abraçoo. \õ/

From listening to the two new songs, I like how you guys are both trying new things but also adding the old sound to the album. I enjoy both songs out right now. Can't wait to here the rest! P.S. If you guys do a tour (I hope you do!) you should definitely come to Colorado. You guys have some fans dying over here Wink

If you come to Peru, I would sell my kidney to see you guys

I really want this record, where can I get it? It says I can't pre order it in Peru. Please help me because I really dig their jam

Would be insane if The Strokes did a international tour and came to England, need to see them live been a fan for too long

COME TO TORONTO Laughing out loud

Any chance you's can come visit us in Newcastle England??? we'd love to see you's at the Arena here or the o2 Academy, cheeeeeeeers.

Please please come to Colorado. I know it's probably not the most requested city but you guys will love it here!!

TORONTO TORONTO TORONTO!!! Please come to Toronto! I've been waiting to see you guys for years and a Comedown Machine tour is the perfect reason for you guys to swing by! Your music and lyrics are inspirational and I love you guys! Thanks for the many years of amazing music and hopefully many more years to come!

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