Check out the lyrics for "One Way Trigger"

Feb 01

Check out the lyrics for "One Way Trigger"

Check out the lyrics for "One Way Trigger"

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I love the Strokes but they have lost the one thing that made me love them for so many years. Their sound. Their first 3 albums were amazing. Angeles grew on me but there was too much synth to be a real Strokes album. If it wasn't for songs like Taken For A Fool that album would have suffered. If both together and individually they can make great music why can they not produce great music on their new albums? It's almost as if they have lost their touch. Of course I will purchase their new album and give it a try but I hope they return to making great music and not this overly produced music. Their songs use to be easily recognizable by their unique sound but now I don't recognize them.

cant wait till yall come to Austin, TX!

whats up muther fuka's! cant wait for this record! and please come to St.Louis if you guys tour, seen ya in 2006 and 2004 and got laid both nights...

reading the lyrics just make it even better, so in love

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