Oct 07
Nikolai has completed his debut album with his band, Nickel Eye. We're pleased to announce that 'The Time Of The Assassins' will be released Jan. 27th on Rykodisc. Nickel Eye makes their debut on Oct. 15th at The Borderline in London. You may purchase tickets by clicking They will also be performing at this...
Oct 06
Albert Hammond, Jr. just returned home from his tour supporting Coldplay throughout Europe for the past month, and will finally be enjoying some much deserved rest for the time being. His second solo-release, '?Como Te Llama?', is available here PHOTO CREDIT: Val•À¸rie Jodoin-Keaton
Sep 24
a kind of dream' is a thirty minute, black and white, silent film written and directed by Danny Velez with music composed by Nikolai Fraiture. It was shot over 4 to 5 days during the spring of 2003 by Clara Roberts-Oss and was featured in the NYC Howl Festival in 2007. A limited edition DVD run of this film is now available online. to...
Aug 22
Happy Birthday Julian!
Aug 03
Jun 21
ANSWER: The guys are set to get together and get back at it early 2009. CAN'T WAIT?: Until then, you can view the recent news posts and check out some of the projects the guys have been working on.
Jun 20
Julian collaborated with Pharrell Williams and Santogold to co-write and perform on 'My Drive Thru,' a new song available as a free download on commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Converse's Chuck Taylors. Stay tuned for the music video premier.
Jun 19
Fabrizio's solo project with Rodrigo Amarante of Los Hermanos and Binki Shapiro, entitled 'Little Joy,' will be debuting this fall on Rough Trade Records. A release date for the album will be announced very soon.
Jun 18
Nikolai's music project: 'Nickel Eye' is in the works. You can check out a sneak preview of a couple songs from the forthcoming album 'Time Of The Assassins' on Mark Ronson's 'Authentic Shit' radio broadcast via Nickel Eye's official MYSPACE AND...'a kind of dream,' a short film directed by Danny Velez, featuring Nikolai Fraiture (with original music by...
Jun 17
Albert Hammond, Jr. is set to release his second solo album, '?Como Te Llama?', on JULY 8th. Check out his recently launched official website, as well as his revamped Myspace for all the latest!
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