Happy Birthday Nick!

Jan 16

Happy Birthday Nick!

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Happy late birthday yoo

its way past due but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Laughing out loud

HB Laughing out loud

HB (^) idolo <3

Happy happy BirthDayyyyyyyyyyyyy Nick very very Late T-T sorry nick...well good life and take care!!!Laughing out loud

Yes, I know. This is really late. But I went on here on your birthday day to write something but I didn't see anything! Well, happy late birthday to the best guitar player ever, Nick Valensi. Hope it was magical (:

I know it's late but happy birthday hope you had a great day we LOVE YOU MAN !!

hope u had a great timE! at least the cake looks really yummy!!!
enjoy it -



Anyway, I know it's late and I was on a holiday but HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY NICK!♥

Dude, Where are the comments?!

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