Happy Birthday!

Aug 23

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Julian!

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Happy Birthday Julian Laughing out loud
I know i'm like hella late but idc
I hope you guys can visit NJ somedayyy
but i wish the best for you and family (:

Happy birthday jules...Please come baack in Italy...we loves The Strokes...Wink

HAPPY BELATED! sorry was away from the computer so i couldn't send my best wishes till now, hope it still counts. Toronto needs you guys, hope to see you soon:)

Happy Birthday Julian! do you remember the "Stroke Me" T shirt?! Tongue

I already said happy birthday on the YouTube vid but anyways, Happy Birthday Julian. Hope you had a good one and liked the vid Smile

a little late but...

before late than never!!! hahaha

Happy B-DAY Jules!!!

Cheers!!! Love U!

happy birthday!!!! sry it was late :0

Happy Birthday !!!

wish you the best, take care and blessings not only for you but for your family.
Congratulations!!! =)


I luv you more than being seventeen Smile

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