Happy Birthday!

Aug 23

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Julian!

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happy birthday julian f casablancas! thanks for making great music. lotss of love <3

Happy Birthday Julian. Very anxious for the arrival of you in Brazil!!!

happy birthday Jules !! I wish you many wonderful ideas for making music so damn good as always, of course loving family and a healthy son ... I think he will be such a nice guy like you ! Smile
greetings from polish fans , we love you so much ! Laughing out loud

Happy birthday julian, greatings from brazil!

Jules, happy birthday! We´re dying to see you in november!

Happy Birthday....lots o love!!!!!!

Happy!!!!!!!!................Happy Birthday!!!......... You're a Great singer and musician! ....... From Mexico City!...... Congratulations!!!........... we wait for you in October!......God Bless You!!! Jules!!!


Just making it a little clearer than it already is XOXO,

We, the fans, would challenge our metabolism and climb the mountains of Machu Picchu for you... Well, maybe not... But im pri-ty sure we would do what we can to make you feel all the gratisfaction you deserve. And even when you feel like you had been taken for a fool, don't worry, we are under cover of the darkness of this blind fan love, and for us, no matter what, you're so right. May all the kinds of happiness be part of your days, and don't you forget that life is simple in the moonlight. And never stop touring, for we'll always have the need to call you back, no matter how many shows you do. I'll stop writing these silly 'games' now.

(haha, this was so stupid... I'm sorry, and happy birthday, Jules!)

Happy birthday Jules !! Love ya Love

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