One Of 2011's Best Songs (So Far)

Jul 01

One Of 2011's Best Songs (So Far)

AOL Spinner just launched their 'Best Songs of 2011 (So Far)' list and The Strokes' "Under Cover of Darkness" is on the list. Check it out and let them know why it should be even higher!

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That song deserves praise just thinking about gets me exicited Wink jules wear a different jacket not
That its not cool , its awesome but man its becoming redundant Smile Laughing out loud

you guys are amazing<3i'm still waiting for the taken for a fool video....but i understand ur currently on ur european guys mean the world to literally have saved my life numerous times...especially jules with his passionate voice and introspective lyrics..I really want to meet you guys...even tho its pretty much impossible with the way my life's going..but it's the one thing i want..well actually the one thing i want is to marry julian, but i know thats out of the question..hah..but seriously, come to chicago and play for me<3 and meet me...? oh and when you come, could you play ize of the world..? it's pretty much my fav(:

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