Pre-order 'Comedown Machine' Now

Jan 30

Pre-order 'Comedown Machine' Now

Pre-order Comedown Machine Now
Pre-order Comedown Machine (out 3/26/13) now at the band’s official store. Click here to order.

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PLEASE COME TO COLOMBIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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PLEASE COME TO COLOMBIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dudes, regardless of what all the haters say, all of you are fucking awesome. Keep em coming, because this Stroke-a-holic definitely appreciates all your hard work. oh and please come to Las Vegas, Portland OR or anywhere in California. I'm trying to pop my Stroke concert cherry lol I'm hoping that this will be my year to see you guys do your thing in concert Smile Rock on Ze Strokes \m/O__O\m/

Please come to San Antonio please please please !
Amazing city ! Amazing fans ! Tell me tell me don't u understand show me show me show me. I love you guys please come to San Antonio

I enjoy & love ALL of THE STROKES songs and "one way trigger" is by far my absolute favorite! Keep it up... you guys still got it!!!!!

LOVE the new single! Can't wait for the album!!! You guys are still and always will be my number 1 favorite band, loved you from the beginning!! You're music moves me and I love your rainbow guitars and Julian's sexy voice. You sound good hitting the high notes Julian! PLEASE come to Texas, preferably Dallas...! That's where I live! Laughing out loud Never seen you in concert, it's on my bucket list though!

Pretty stoked guys.

I can't wait! Hope you guys are happy with this record Smile

I can dig it. now can we PLEASE have a proper UK tour again? I was so stoked for one when angles was released Sad

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