Stream New Single “All The Time” Now

Feb 13

Stream New Single “All The Time” Now

Stream New Single “All The Time” Now
Stream the first single from Comedown Machine “All The Time” now. Pre-order your copy of the new record, out 3/26/13, here.

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Finally the sweet old Strokes sound again... . ♥ ❤ ♡

loved that song.


'All the Time' is obviously an amazing track. I'm really surprised how much One Way Trigger has grown on me though Its got to be my favourite song at the moment. Love you guys - Wes

One way trigger grew on me but gotta say this song is kicks ass cannot wait for March 26!!! Counting down the days...

i love this song, the strokes rules

I love it! It's so beautiful... The Strokes make's me happy <3

awesome this is so cool!! woke up super early here in NZ to stream BBC 1 live Laughing out loud
love the ending so much!!!!

It's so. Dang. Good. I don't know if I can wait until March 26th now!!!

I love it! I need that album right now, I can't wait no more!! Cheers from Uruguay