Strokes Announce New Tour Dates In Mexico

Jun 07

Strokes Announce New Tour Dates In Mexico

We are happy to announce that The Strokes are set to perform in Mexico in October! They will be making stops in Mexico City and Monterrey. Check out The Strokes events for full details and be sure to check back to buy your tickets.

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please come to atlanta!!!!!!!!!! i'm dying to watch you guys live!!!!!

Argentina this year! FUCKKK

Fuck it Smile

:DDD i've been waiting for you so long & finally you'll come :DDD!

pass through chile?

Mexico here I come! Laughing out loud

You guys just don't cooperate! You haven't played more than a handful of shows in the states this year...and the ones you did were just festivals....please come to Illinois...and play an actual concert. Please.........I'm like your biggest and most devoted fan ever..

I'm extremely excited! It will be something big! A great comeback! Will be an unforgettable show!!! Thanks guys!!! :')

Perfect, now I need you to confirm new tour dates in Argentina!

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